Bartending: A few uncommon tips


  • Besides keeping ingredients fresh being important, some think you need some sort of certificate to be a good bartender. You don’t need to have fancy gadgets to get the best drink. A few basic tools and a handful of tips and tricks, you can shake up a good mix your customer will like.

  • Have a good set of a shaker, mixing spoon, a measuring tool, and a good arm.

  • Think of the flavors, try each one by taste & aroma, and test how each works with each other. Here you can explore your own mix or recreating what you have seen before. You don’t have to follow recipe to the exact dot. Check out our METRO Rioba syrups today to begin your own mix! 

  • You don’t have to use ingredients in pure form. You can use a premix and make it your own. 

  • Know the types of ice for particular drinks. Some large cubes are used for aesthetics while crushed ice is commonly used for the actual recipe to create more liquid. 

  • Check your emotions, not everyone is going to like your mix. Be willing to adjust to customer’s needs. 

  • Know your customer, they appreciate a customized mix.

  • You don’t have to use the most expensive ingredients to gauge quality. It’s about how each works. If you want to use a substitute, adjust other things accordingly. That is why tasting is key.