BBQ Seafood Mix


 The best curry for seafood lovers!!!


 Squid and Prawn:

-3 squid,gutted, 3 king prawns in their shells

-1 fennel,Lime and lemon

-100 g cherry tomatoes

-3 sweet peppers

-6 sprigs rosemary,Olive Oil

-Herbs of choice for marinating

-Salt,pepper,2 chili pods,1 shallot,1 pinch sugar

 -1 lime,50 g olives and 1 handful chopped parsley



Step 1 Evenly dice the vegetables and briefly sear them in a pan with a little olive oil.
Step 2 Pluck and add the rosemary leaves,season the vegetables with a pinch of sugar,salt and pepper.Fry for 5 minutes,then leave to cool.
Step 3 Stuff the squid with the vegetables and marinate them in a little olive oil with herbs for a few hours or over night.
Step 4 Barbecue them all over at a high heat until golden-brown.Then enhance them with a little olive oil and a dash of lime juice.

Step 1 Halve and devein the prawns.Chop the chilli pods up small,finely dice the shallot and halves the tomatoes.
Step 2 Put the prawns into an aluminium dish with a little olive oil and place them on the barbecue.Add a little chilli,rosemary, and olive oil,then salt and lightly pepper them.
Step 3 Briefly sear the prawns all over,then add a dash of lemon juice.Add the tomatoes,shallot and parsley and barbecue these too for a further 5 minutes.Finally,add olives and lime zest.
Step 4 Serve prawns and squid as a seafood mix,e.g,with couscous.

Serving- 6  

Preparing and Cooking time-40 mins + 1 day marinating