Belgium Street Food Recipe

 Different types of croquettes feature in Belgian cuisine. The classic potato croquettes are the usual accompaniments of wild game meat or family roasts, while cheese and beef croquettes are either served as starters or as street food, and are commonly found as ‘friture’ snacks. At the top of the pyramid, the shrimp croquette is a delicacy in a class of its own, especially when prepared with real fresh North Sea shrimps.

The following recipe is featuring a meat croquette with Belgian mayonnaise and a hit of French Dijon mustard.


For the blend croquette

6 ‘Blend croquettes Original’

6 METRO Chef buns

125 g METRO Chef mayonnaise (egg)

10 g METRO Chef mustard Dijon 

25 g METRO Chef pickles 

METRO Chef Mizuna (Japanese mustard lettuce)

For pickled mustard seed

50 g METRO Chef mustard seeds

100 cl mizkan sushi seasoning

100 cl METRO Chef Chardonnay vinegar



  • Deep fry the croquettes at precisely 170 °C, for 7 minutes.

  • Half the buns and place the croquette inside.

  • Mix the mayonnaise with the pickles sauce, very aromatic and slightly sweet. Then add the mustard, to finish it of.

  • Whip the mix of mayonnaise, pickles and mustard thoroughly to create contrast.

  • As a finishing touch add mizuna and pickled mustard seeds, to top the croquette and add an extra punchy note.

  • Cooking+ Prep time-20 mins