Essential Bar Tools & Equipment

To make perfect drinks, it is important to have expert bartenders. However, without having essential bar tools, they would be nothing.Here are the 10 essential tools that every bartender should have:


  1. Knife and Chopping Board _ to cut fruits and peeling off fruit skins.

  2. Jigger_ to measure liquor or other mixers. 

  3. Speed Pourers_ to control on pouring and help bartenders prepare drinks with accuracy and speed

  4. Shaker Set_ to mix beverages (usually alcoholic) by shaking 

  5. Hawthorne Strainer_ to remove ice from a mixed drink as it is poured into the serving glass 

  6. Fine/tea Strainer_ to catch loose tiny piece of fruits

  7. Bar Spoon_ to mix and layer of both alcoholic and non-alcholic mixed drinks. 

  8. Muddler _ to mix up the ingredients to release their flavor. 

  9. Fruit/Juice Press_ to extract juice from fruits 

  10. Margarita Tray_ to separate layers for lime juice, sugar and salt, and for rimming sugar and salt on glass.