Essential Knives That Every Chef Must Have

Having the right set of tools is the first step to culinary success and having the right kitchen knives is a big part of that. The more you know how to use the right knife in right time, the more effective and efficient you will be in the kitchen. Here are must-have knives for your kitchen. 

  • Chef’s knife:  it is generally designed to use from chopping vegetable to slicing meat. Its blade has from 6 to 12 inches. Particularly, 8 inches length blade is commonly used. 

  • Paring knife: it is used especially for small items like a strawberry, cherry, or a clove of garlic. It is suitable for mincing or slicing fruits and vegetables. 

  •  Bread knife: it is a serrated knife which is able to cut soft bread without crushing it. Its length has usually between 15 and 25 cm (6 and 10 in). Keep in mind that it is difficult to   sharpen and require a specialized piece of equipment. 

  • Boning knife: it is suited for removing bones and skin of poultry and fish as it has a thin blade with 5 or 6 inches long.  For pork and thicker meats, recommendation goes for a stiff blade. 

  • Carving knife: it is generally used to cut thin uniform slices from cooked poultry to roasted meat due to its sharp edge. It can also be useful for filleting a large fish.  With up to 15 inches length blade, it is similar to a thinner chef’s knife. 

  • Honing steel: it is essential tool for every chef to make knives sharpen all the time. Dull blades can delay your preparation time and it is more likely to have a chance of getting injury from cutting yourself.