Foie Gras Terrine

Jean Marc- Recipe

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                  If you don't know what you should have for Christmas dinner, check Foie Gras Terrine Recipe by Jean Marc, one of Master Chef judges.

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                        • Frozen - Duck Foie Gras Extra No.2 500-600g

                        • Sein Myittar Mon Iodized Salt 0.8kg

                        • Myanmar's Flavour Black Pepper Powder (Small Bottle) 6x10g

                        • Massimo Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ltr

                        • HORECA Select Cream Balsamic Modena 250ml

                        • Seik Kyite Natural White Sugar 409g (25ticals)

                        • Leek 500g

                        • Tomato 0.4kg (6 pcs)

                        • Bell Pepper 0.3kg (2pcs)

                        • USA Lemon 0.1kg (1-2 pcs)

                        • Ginger


                        • Deveining the duck liver (Foie Gras) and seasoning with salt and pepper.

                        • Wrap it in plastic film and again in aluminum paper (squeeze both ends very tight) and chill in the fridge for 15 minutes.

                        • Boil (still wrapped) for 5 minutes. Cool it on cold water for 10 minutes.

                        • Wrap it in a new layer of aluminum paper (squeeze both ends very tight) and chill it in fridge for 90 minutes.

                        • Cut the tomatoes medium size. Peel and cut the bell peppers medium size.

                        • Mix them in a pan together with oil and vinegar. Chop the ginger and add it in the pan.

                        • Squeeze in the lime. And, let it cook with medium heat for 2 hours (stir from time to time).

                        • Start with the caramel: in a hot pan add the sugar, 1/3 water and some butter.

                        • Cut the leeks where the white turns into green and keep the white part.

                        • Add the leeks in the pan, cover and cook for 15 minutes.

                        • Then, do the plating and you can have it now.

                        • Servings-4