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Did you know that the water left from boiling your spaghetti can be used in your sauce cooking? Don’t drain! Ditch the strainer and use these tips to make sauces taste smoother!

If you ever ran into the moment when the sauce you cook for your Italian dish is too runny and not sticking to the spaghetti, your sauce may not be thick enough or you had used too much water. Using thickening agents require additional ingredients and if not done right, it can change the consistency of the sauce or even the taste. Sometimes these thickening ingredients become liquidly when the dish is not super-hot too.

The trick is all there in front of you! It’s the boiled spaghetti water! The spaghetti water that’s left behind is one of the keys to turning regular sauce into silky and thick without having to use any additional thickening ingredients. You may think that these kinds of smooth sauces take a long time to cook and careful techniques, but it is simple as adding pasta water to get a 5-Star style sauce! The way it works is, since the water is already salted plus the rich starch left from the boiling, when added to the sautéed sauce, automatically adds to the taste so that you may not need any additional salt. 

1.Don’t drain the boiled spaghetti water into the skink.

2.Instead, move your spaghetti with large tongs or spaghetti fork to the finishing pan immediately.

3.Doing this quickly preserves all of that glorious moisture & and liquid.

4.OR add about a 1/2 cup or ladle full of water to the sauce before adding the spaghetti. Add more if needed after taste testing for saltiness.

5. If dry or raw spaghetti/pasta is cooked directly in the sauce, your sauce will have an automatic thickener without having to add separate pasta water.