Mote Letkauk Kyaw


One of the famous traditional Burmese sweets is "Mote La Kaut Kyaw",which is also named as Myanmar Donuts. You can make them on your own or with friends and neighbors easily.So,what are you waiting for? Let's find out!


1. Rice Flour 10g 

2. Stick Rice Flour 120g 

3. Salt Pinch 

4. Water 2040 ml 

5. Myanmar jaggery 100g

6. Oil 300 ml ( For Deep Fried)


Step 1 Mix the rice flour and sticky rice flour with salt .Add water bit by bit until the flour mixture into smooth dough. Boil the Myanmar Jaggery and simmer until thicken.

Step 2 Make the dough into small rings to fry.Heat the oil into moderate heat and fry the ring dough until golden brown.  

Step 3 Served the crispy deep fried Moke Latkauk with Jaggery Dipping. 

Serving- 4  

Preparing time- 10 min  

Cooking time- 15 min