Recognizing Whether a fish is Fresh!

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      Let us share you how to recognize whether a fish is fresh for this week.

      For a fish dish to achieve top quality, it must be fresh. For this reason, METRO uses temperature controlled truck, keeps transport times short and ensures optimum transport conditions to ensure that the full flavor of the fish reaches your kitchen. Our fish experts test and monitor quality rigorously and continuously. Test the unique freshness: this quality-check enables you to recognize whether a fish is really fresh at our METRO Kitchen.


      1. Its pupils are clear, the cornea is transparent

      2. The gills are bright red, the gill filaments are not slimy 

      3. The skin gleams with color and is covered in a fine film of slime

      4. The belly skin is shiny and difficult to separate from the flesh

      5. The flesh is firm to the touch and elastic