Spaghettini with San Daniele Ham


For people who love to eat Spaghettini!


1. 600 g of Spaghettini

2. 2 shallots

3.1 small chili pod

4.250 g of cherry tomatoes

5. 150 ml of white wine

6. 300 ml of cream & 300 g of ham

7. 1 handful of olives

8. Pepper, 3 stalks of Thai Basil and Coriander

9. Salt & Peanut oil


1.Finely dice the shallot, halve the tomato and finely slice the chili pod.

2.Braise all of this in a little olive oil and slake with the white wine. Then, bring it briefly to the boil and add the cream.

3.Leave everything to simmer for 5 minutes and season it with a little salt and pepper to taste.

4.In the meantime boil the Spaghettini in plenty of salted water until they are firm to the bite.

5.Add the pasta straight to the sauce, briefly toss it in it and enhance it with pulled ham. Add olives as required and served at once.

Serving- 6

Preparing & Cooking time- Approx.30 min