Belgium Traditional Food Recipe

Stoofvlees, also called carbonnade, is a culinary milestone in Belgium. A typical slow-cooked beef stew, with a smooth gravy and a sweet finish. 

The meat, mainly brisket and chuck, is braised in the pan and then slowly cooked in a pot with a base of onions and beer. The recipes vary slightly from one region to the other, with different types of beers being used, from old brown to Flanders ale, Trappist or Gueuze. Stoofvlees is usually served with fries and the unmissable mayonnaise. The duration of the simmering will determine the tenderness of the meat. A good stoofvlees must melt in the mouth!


1.5 kg of beef 

2 (large) Onions 

4 small bottles of old Gueuze

METRO Chef bio Provençal herbs

METRO Chef salt and pepper

METRO Chef lump of farm butter



  • Onions are one of the secrets of stoofvlees. Finely chopped, they will turn a nice brown colour as they are gently cooked in real butter. 

  • After the meat has been seared in the pot, add real old Gueuze to the meat. A sour beer typical of the region, made from natural yeast. 

  • Add Provençal herbs, salt  and pepper.

  • Meat is added periodically. It is first quickly seared in the pan, to ensure crispiness and to fix the juices.

  • The pan is deglazed. The jus is then added to the pot to enhance the flavours and complete the gravy.

  • Serve the stew with fries and mayonnaise, to fully enjoy this traditional dish.

  • 45 min+ 2 hrs simmering