Tips For Cooking The Perfect Steak


We make a few classic mistakes when cooking a steak. It might lead to get imperfect steak. It should not be that hard once you know some industry secrets of timing and temperature. Check for more:

For an inch-thick T-bone steak, cook for about 2 minutes on each side in a high heat skillet. Don’t move the steak while it is in the skillet.

After that, use the below tips for doneness when transferring to oven. You can use an instant-reader thermometer which is the most reliable way to estimate doneness while professional chefs can test meat by touch.

          T-bone Steak Doneness
          Oven Bake Time
          Rare steak
          1-2 minutes
          125°F (52°C), cool red center
          Medium rare steak
          2-3 minutes
          135°F (57°C), warm red center
          Medium steak
          3-4 minutes
          145°F (63°C), warm pink center
          Well-done steak
          5-6 minutes
          160°F(71°C), little or no pink