Tips & Tricks for usage and storage

Croissants are an icon for breakfast & tea break. You can make Croissant with your own hand and can use “Ready to Bake” Croissant. METRO Wholesale Myanmar now offers a select HORECA variety of “Ready to Bake” dough solution for your croissant making! Here are a few Tips & Tricks for usage and storage that will maximize the use of our product.

Tips & Tricks – Storage and Prep

1.Check the “Expiration Date” to ensure usability and freshness.

2.If passed the expiration date, check for contamination, mold, and smell test. When in doubt, discard the product.

3.Read packaging and product-specific labels for storage temperatures and specific prep instructions.

4.Usage tip:

-Keep unopened METRO Ready to Use dough in storage according to package’s specs until use.

-Let dough reach room temp, around 1 – 2 hours, before using to bake.

-Baked rolls should only be kept in pantry no more than 1 day.

-Wrap your leftover BAKED rolls in plastic wrap and aluminum foil or air-tight bag to keep them moist and prevent freezer burn.

-Store the baked rolls for one to two months at 0°F or -18°C and heat warm to the touch to serve.

-Never freeze cans of crescent dough. It affects freshness, texture, and taste.

-Portion out what you need and immediately store the rest.

-Dough left out will change the optimal usage texture and will not give desired results.

-Once opened, the dough will only last around 24 hours if cling wrapped and placed in an air-tight bag in the refrigerator.