Tips & Tricks - How to use Sunkist/Orange Peel

Tips & Tricks

 Fresh squeezed orange juice is refreshing and the juice has many applications. The peel, rind, and top skin can be used as zest to spruce up variety of dishes! Have a look at a few tips and tricks to get the best use of our oranges >>>

What’s a zest? They are strips and bits of the orange peel that is either shaved, grated, or scraped. There are loads of amazing ways to use orange peel. Various tools can be used for intended purposes. 

Uses of Zest:

  • Use orange zest in recipes for a delicious, fresh tangy hit – they’re great in cakes and salad dressings.

  • Zest is often used to add flavor to different pastries and sweets.

  • Zest is added to certain dishes marmalades, sauces, sorbets and salads. It also can make the taste of sauce better

  • Zest is used in some cocktails not only for flavor and aroma but also for color as a garnish.

  • Dry orange peels and add some to tea the next time you brew it. The orange will infuse a subtle citrusy taste into the tea.

Zest tools are:

  • Micro plane: a tool you pull along the orange to scrape off thin strips of the colored peel.

  • Grater: When you need a lot of zest, use a traditional grater with small holes.

  • Paring Knife: You can go the knife way. Peel off top colored layer of the orange, and cut to thin strips.