What is the difference between Juice,Juice Concentrate, Extract and Puree?

When fresh fruit is not available, packaged juices in cartons are a great alternative and also save time. Juices without added sugar are great to add in smoothies and cocktails and are used by everyone, from amateur bartenders to expert mixologists. 

  • Juice – Simply created by crushing the fruit, it is available with pulp or pulp-free.

  • Juice Concentrate – The water content is lessened for a more concentrated flavor and requires dilution.

  • Extract – The essence, color and taste is extracted from the fruit.

  • Puree – The fruit is cooked, ground, pressed, blended or sieved to the consistency of a creamy paste or liquid. Additional sugars might be added to make up for the loss of flavor when heated. 

Things you can do with juice in a carton or bottle:

  1. Freeze entire carton and shave the frozen juice for flavored shaved ice

  2. Pour into gelato or sorbet machine and have instant sorbet

  3. Pour into molds and get fruit flavored ice to add to teas and drinks

  4. Mix and match fruit juices to get a quick and easy punch without the mess

  5. Reduction to make fruit compotes or jelly for homemade jam and a fruity syrup to add to drinks.

  6. Melt in gelatin and cool for easy jelly

  7. Mix and match with liqueur or distillery to get easy cocktails

  8. Marinate meat with fruit juice to get distinctive flavor

  9. Add juice to cake to get fruit cakes and customized fruit tiramisu