Your Kitchen Survival Guide

Throughout your culinary career you will constantly develop your technique and learn new skills. But as time goes on, you’ll also notice a handful of tried and tested tips and tricks that work every time. Read on to discover 12 Tips on Kitchen Survival for all. 


  1. Taste Your Food As You Go: Trust your taste buds and tweak ingredient quantities and seasoning accordingly throughout the cooking process to deliver better results in the end.

  2. Buy Quality Ingredient From a Reliable Source: Care about where your ingredients come from.

  3. Never Cook Cold Meat and Fish: Meat and fish, as with other proteins, should be at room temperature before being cooked. This will create a more even cook and within a shorter cooking time. 

  4. Always Dry Meat Before It’s Grilled: Pat meat dry with a paper towel to get rid of excess moisture before grilling to ensure a better sear and to avoid overcooking. 

  5. Boil Seafood like The Ocean: Water must be salted to boil seafood to impart a proper seafood flavor.

  6. Salt and Pepper are Not the Only Seasonings – Switch up seasoning with exotic salts, herbs, alternative citrus flavors or a variety of pickles etc… 

  7. Make Sure Your Kitchen Knives are Sharp: The best way to avoid knife accidents in the kitchen is by keeping your knives sharpened – this will also help you be more efficient. 

  8. Establish Relationships with Your Suppliers: This ensures you get the quality you want, when you want it. 

  9. Keep Calm: Professional kitchens are high stress environments and it takes discipline to remain calm in the face of this.

  10. Always Ask For Clarification: Mistakes can cost your business so don’t be afraid to ask questions to better understand what you need to do. 

  11. Do Your Homework: Customers will ask questions about menus to be sure you know each dish intimately.

  12. Have A Purpose: Working in a professional kitchen is a commitment. If you don’t love what you do or if you are in the business just for the money, you won’t last.