Hin Htote

Spend time happily by making your favorite snack with your loves!

Hin Htote, Steam rice powder with onion leaves and flavored with Jue Myit and Fried Garlic, can be served as a morning snack for Inthar people in Shan State. Most of the people would like to eat it again once they had during visit. True enough, they can go and get it easily in some street shops and restaurants selling hin htote. But the taste can be different  compared to the real one. So, why don't you try yourself by making it deliciously? For the receipe, check it out!!

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1. Rice Flour   30g 
2. Spring Onion  45g 
3. Salt    ½ teaspoon   
4. Water   10 g   
5. Chicken Powder 1 teaspoon 
6.  Oil    1 tablespoon 
7. Garlic  1 clove 


Step 1 Wash the spring onion and cut it into 2 inches each.
Step 2 Mix the spring onion with rice flour, salt and chicken powder. Add the water into the rice flour mixture slowly just to combine the flour paste and the spring onion.
Step 3 Lay the banana leave in the round aluminum foil cup and add the spring onion mixture. Steam it for 30 minutes. Heat the oil and fried the chop garlic. Served the garlic oil and dry chili with steam Hnin Htoke.

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Serving- 4 
Preparing time- 10 min 
Cooking time- 30 min