METRO's Fresh Food Delivery Made Easier with Ongo Digital Payments

24th June 2019

METRO Wholesale Myanmar, the food supplier serving local commercial partners in the fast-growing hospitality and tourism sector, partners with Ongo, bringing efficient and easy digital payment solutions to customers around the country. 

YANGON, Myanmar – 24 June 2019 – Ongo, the market leading business-to-business (B2B) digital payment service in Myanmar announced today an exciting partnership with METRO Wholesale Myanmar, a Food Service Distribution (FSD) business that has been operating in Myanmar since March 2019. 

METRO Myanmar operates as a virtual one-stop-shop for more than 400 customers around the country and provides more than 3,000 high-quality food and non-food products via digital platforms such as websites and mobile apps. The German-based wholesaler places a high priority on strong partnerships that help promote food safety and an efficient supply chain, providing their professional customers such as hotels, restaurants, caterers as well as small and mid-sized retailers and institutions the highest quality products and services. 

The Ongo partnership enables digital payments that make it easier for time-conscious METRO customers to make quick and simple purchases using the Ongo mobile app or the Ongo QR Card. “Digitization is a major part of our business. Unlike other countries, METRO does not operate wholesale brick-and-mortar stores in Myanmar, but instead customers utilize a sophisticated E-Commerce platform on our website. We see digital technology as the main driver of change, providing convenience and efficiency for our customers by enabling them to browse more than 3,000 high-quality products online and have them delivered at the touch of a button. That is why our new partnership with Ongo is an important element to successfully providing our customers a smooth and simple journey when they shop with us online,” says Jens Michel, CEO of METRO Myanmar. 

METRO Wholesale Myanmar has made it their goal to empower millions of independent businesses with their industry-leading expertise in food quality and safety, supply chain and sustainability as well as customized solutions and digital innovations. “Ongo is proud to partner with METRO Wholesale in Myanmar, the latest country in the company’s international portfolio of the German wholesaler” says Allen Gilstrap, CEO of Ongo. “By enabling METRO customers with our digital payment services, we aim to accelerate the company’s digital transformation,” explains Gilstrap. 

Since Ongo mobile wallet was officially launched in 2017 in partnership and with the support of Myanmar Oriental Bank Limited, all Ongo mobile wallet accounts are regulated by the Central Bank of Myanmar under the Mobile Banking License (MBL) directive through Myanmar Oriental Bank (MOB). This provides Ongo Users with the security of a bank regulated account without ever having to visit a bank branch. 

For more information on the Ongo/METRO digitized payment system partnership or Ongo’s other innovative digital payment services, please visit the company’s official website at or Facebook account at, e-mail or call 09-450888996-7, 09-444450816-8. 

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