Belcolade Milk Chocolate Lait Blocks Selection (35% Cocoa) 2.5kg _ Order by Piece

The full flavour of pure cocoa combined with soft and creamy milk makes our milk chocolate a real taste sensation. The Belcolade Selection Lait offers a range of possibilities: from light to dark coloured milk chocolate, from sweet to caramel- always made with 100% natural vanilla and cocoa butter.

A 35% milk chocolate with the perfect balance between sweet, milky and cocoa taste.Belcolade chocolate is produced exclusively in Belgium following a long tradition of craftsmanship, quality and refinement.Real Begian Chocolate and Versatile product, can be used in a wide range of applications.

Customer advantages:Belgian authenticity

Consumer advantages:Our unique taste & Sustainable solutions

Made in Belgium

Storage: Stored in a cool ( 15- 17°C) and dry place, keep away from light and strong odours.