Diversey Clax Beta 1AL2 Alkaline Booster Liquid 20L_ Order by Piece

For industrial use only,in fabric washing process. Clax Beta is an alkali booster.When combined with a main wash detergent, Clax Beta enhances the wash performance on heavily soiled goods by increasing the pH of the wash liquor. For use in wash process in washing machine only.

Handling & Storage: 

  • Store in original closed containers away from children,food,pets.


  • Do not use for hand wash.

  • Do not swallow or inhale.

  • Avoid contact with eyes or skin.

  • Wear rubber gloves and boots during usage.

  • Clean gloves,hands and body with water and soap everytime after use or touch the product.

  • Do not dispose Clax Beta or its used-container in river,canal or public water.